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Annab Fruit| Best jujube suppliers around the world

Annab Fruit

In traditional Iranian medicine, jujube boiled alone or in combination with other herbs is used. Cranberry softens the chest soaking up the glaze, if it is cooked with juice or milk and then it is added, then this solution will become mild. Jujub has a special importance in terms of sugar content of 36.74 in fresh jujube and 71.77% in dry jujube, as well as in protein and enamel materials, and is consumed freshly and dried. The product has a laxative and no use An irritable species does not induce digestion, the jujube boiled in water or milk has a laxative effect, and the Zwet raw material in the gastrointestinal tract to facilitate Myknd.msrf helps the body flush out toxins jujube, jujube fruit is rich in vitamin c and sugar in canned products are used in preparation.

Annab Fruit| Best jujube suppliers around the world

Best jujube fruit producer in the world

Best jujube fruit producer in the worldhow to eat jujube fruit

Jujube flour and fermented fruit are made of special sweets and cakes, jujube fruit reduces the effect of the stimulant drugs and the taste of jujube. The jujube root can be used to make preparations for increasing milk, the jujube core is effective for relieving pain and from the leaves The jujube can be used in the manufacture of a drug for strengthening the hair. From the jujube leaf, it can be used in the manufacture of mouthwashes to prevent sore throat, the jujube fruit juice is effective in treating coughing and cold. The jujube has a sedative effect, It is a stomach. Jujube leaves and fruits are used to treat skin diseases , The antifungal properties of jujube leaves are commonly found in traditional herbal and herbal medicine, and it is useful for the removal of thirst. The pain relieves pain in the kidneys and the liver, the juice juice soaked or brewed and mixed with chicory sweat for effective biliary and blood disorders. Useful jujube, figs, dates and bananas are useful for chest diseases that are used in traditional medicine. It is useful for treating cholesterol if it is soaked in cold water and fasting in the morning.

What are the benefits of jujube?

What are the benefits of jujube?

Medicinal use of jujube in the 2nd millennium BC

 The jujube tree and its fruit have long been used by humans in the past. Historical data show that jujube was used in medicine in the second millennium BC in China, India and Persia. In almost all parts of Iran, jujube trees are visible In some provinces, such as Yazd, there is a sprawling jujube and a single tree, and only in southern Khorasan is seen as monotonous gardens. The highest level of jujube cultivation in Iran is related to southern Khorasan, especially the city of Birjand, and the barbed gardens of Birjand towards Eastward to the border of Afghanistan The jujube distribution in Iran shows that this plant is able to survive under different climatic conditions and exhibits a wide range of ecological tolerance. In the wet and low climatic conditions of the Caspian Sea to the dry and desert areas of Tabas and South Khorasan, we observe the high altitudes of Lorestan and Fars. The jujube tree is warm, but cold conditions are up to 21 ° C It is tolerant to water and water resistance. Water is one of the most important strategic products of South Khorasan and is one of the most important economic products for farmers and gardeners. In cheese, jujube, vitamin c, enamel, sugar and protein are reported, and in addition, there is a zigzag fusion tannin in the fruit tree, which is also observed in the tree.

Which jujube is better? Dried or fresh?

Which jujube is better? Dried or fresh?jujube tea

Jujube fruit with great properties

 The jujube is a small tree whose height reaches up to 10 meters. The shiny and olive fruit of the jujube form, which has a lot of medicinal properties, is initially green and comes to red when it reaches the skin and wrinkles. Jujube fruit is freshly consumed as well as dried. This fruit is rich in vitamin C. In fresh condition, 74.46% and in dry state, 65 to 77.77% are sugar, and therefore it is used in the manufacture of compote and sweets. Jujube fruit has many medical properties and has a special place in traditional medicine schools of different countries. To help with the health and healing of diseases. Crab is a very useful fruit that has many uses as a herbal medicine in addition to nutritional properties. This fruit, which can be found from Iran to India, southern China and even southern Europe, has different names in each region. In India and Pakistan, it is called Inab, and in East Asia it is called red dates, Chinese dates or Indian dates. Dry caviar is better than fresh jujube, and temperate nature tends to be cold. The body heat is drooping and cool, fresh jujube is consumed like other fruits and has a laxative effect.

Price list of exportable jujube in 2019

Price list of exportable jujube in 2019

Chewing the fresh jujube leaves temporarily disrupts the taste of the saponin in the leaves due to the presence of saponin substance, and it can be used to induce unpleasant taste of some medications.

Jujube is a delicious fruit, and it is an effective herbal medicine. This fruit helps to increase body weight, increases muscle strength and increases body bias. In Chinese medicines, this fruit is used as a tonic for activating liver and treating anemia.

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