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Big Red Jujube | How to Buy with Lowest Price?

Jujube is a small tree that commonly have a height of about 5-12 meters that has 2-7 cm shiny green leaves. This leaves have three veins at the base. Jujube fruit when is immature, has smooth-green color and taste like an apple somehow. But when it is matured, it becomes brown and purplish-black colored. If you look for Jujube meaning, you will find out that it is fruit of a plant that grows at Eurasia. As an advantage of the big red jujube, we can mention that it is a cure for coughs. It is also full of antioxidants that neutralize the damage of free radicals. It is common to make jujube candy in the countries that jujube grows widely. Also it is used in order to improve sleep for many years. They contain a trace of some vitamins like vitamin C. Also a trace of potassium is observed in it that are needed for muscle control. It is interesting to know that the dried jujube has higher sugar density and are usually used in cooking. Studies show that it has possitive effect on nervous and digestion system of animals. As discussed, it prevents absorption of free radicals that are an important cause of type2 diabetes and even heart desease. At last we conclude that there is no fruit that has no negative effects. So the care should be taken in using of all the things, even fruits. Specially people who takes antidepression drugs. 

Big Red Jujube | How to Buy with Lowest Price?

Are jujube and dates the same?

Are jujube and dates the same?As explained prevoius, immature jujube fruit has smooth-green color. But mature of it has dark-brown and purplish-black color like dates and if you look at them far from them, it is hard to distinct. It is worth mentioning that it is also known as Chinese dates. So this name is given to this fruit because of the appearance similarities. Also it is widely used in China like dates in other cauntries that have dates. The other similarity between them is that both of them have core. But jujube has two cores.

Is jujube good for weight loss?

Is jujube good for weight loss?According to the jujube fruit fibers that has no carbohydrates and cholesterol, it is an amazing fruit for anyone who wants to be healthy or loose weight. Because cholesterol is one of the most important reasons of gaining weight and you won’t find even a trace of it in Jujube fruit. Also because of high amount of fibers in it, is improves performance of digestion system. Jujube candy is also another idea for making this fruit more delicious and favorable specially for children.

What is jujube fruit called in English?

What is jujube fruit called in English?The Jujube fruit is a common fruit in China and is used for hundreds of years as effective fruit for health problems like digestics problems. So it is known as Chinese dates because it is somehow like dates too. Ber is another name for it. There are lots of name that are given to this fruit. For example, “red dates” is another name for it. 

Can you eat Red Jujube fruit?

Can you eat Red Jujube fruit?Any person has his/her own digestive habit and it depends on the weight, religion etc.. But according to its sweet taste and the benefits that it has, I’d like to test it. Except the delicious taste, it is good for loosing weight for people that are overweight like me. In my opinion jujube candy is really tempting specially for children. I think sweet taste is the most favorable taste at all. So almost majority of the people doesnt have any problem with it. But the people who takes antidepressant medicals, should not use this fruit. Because studies have shown that it would react with these drugs. Also dried jujube that are common in Asian countries, has higher amount of sugar and the use of them should be limited. 

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