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In the climate of Iran, a fruit such as barberry in South Khorasan…

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Barberry is a bushy shrub that is 1 to 5 meters long. Barberry…

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Asian dates fruit is very popular among the Asian people & also people from other countries. Jujube dates is very old in Iran & also in other countries.

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Jujube is a small tree that commonly have a height of about 5-12 meters that has 2-7 cm shiny green leaves. This leaves have three veins at the base. Jujube fru

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Annab FruitIn traditional Iranian medicine, jujube boiled alone or in combination with other herbs is used. Cranberry softens the chest soaking up the glaze, if

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Barberries which called Zereshk in Iran, are a sort of berry by sweet and sour taste. Furthermore, they are utilized as a poultry seasoning, and to produc