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Import Barberry |How to Import Barberry with Supreme Quality?

Barberry is a genuine Iranian fruit . In fact , Barberry of Iran is a unique species and varies greatly from other species . This barberry is grown in the southern Khorasan or Quhistan region and Qinaat is the center of its production . Iranian barberry cluster is yellow . In fact , the use of barberry is not something that has recently become popular among people , but for centuries people have always used this plant for various purposes . Barberry , if applied dry or fresh , has a potent healing effect . You can take barberry in the form of sauce ,  jelly , juice or tea. People with a stomach discomfort have a low dose of the plant under the supervision of a physician . Barberry consumption is prohibited in pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers . And you should use a barberry supplement under the strict supervision of the physician . In the neighboring countries of Iran , Import Barberry has a large share of trade and economy .Barberry is used to provide juice.

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