Barberry Bush Colors| Export details of barberry in Iran

Barberry is a bushy shrub that is 1 to 5 meters long. Barberry Bush Colors is red, brown or yellow. Its leaves are oval with sawdust and its fruit is oval red and sour. The root of the barberry tree is called “Aero Wet”.
The end of spring and early summer is the blossoming season of the barberry blossom, the yellow blossoms of the blossom in the autumn season cherry red.Barberry is one of the most used medicinal plants. The little red fruits of this plant are used in most people’s tables.
.In addition to its nutritional properties, the pigments in the wood and bark of the barberry plant are also used to dye leather and wool.
Barberry is also used to treat arthritis, biliary problems, diarrhea, fever, spleen inflammation, tongue swelling, sore throat, low back pain, removing ringworms, heart problems, painful menstruation, liver problems, hemorrhoids and herpes.
Barberry is native to temperate and subtropical regions of Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and South America. Iran is the largest producer of barberry in the world while South Khorasan province owns about 5% of the world barberry with about 2% of its cultivated lands.Barberry shrub, evergreen barberry, has small leaves of the Berberidaceae family.Barberry has different varieties, such as wintergreen barberry. Also, barberry has different dimensions that you can find on the sites and stores of barberry bushes from the smallest barberry bush to the largest barberry bush.

Barberry Bush Colors| Export details of barberry in Iran

Most beautiful varieties of barberry for cultivating in garden

Most beautiful varieties of barberry for cultivating in garden This plant is known in the 7th century AD and its origin is geologically related to the Eucen period.
Ornamental japanese barberry bush is native to Japan and temperate parts of the Northern Hemisphere and is found in Iran such as Khorasan, around Tehran, parts of Azerbaijan, Isfahan, Kerman, as well as Karaj and Chalus.
The plant is divided into two types of seed and seed: Barberry is mostly ornamental, but seedless is commercially important. The barberry flower is clustered and each flower has six sepals, Six petals, six flags, ovaries and bushes, and the flowers are yellow in color. The fruit is a blooming, barely-shaped flower that hangs beautifully from the branch, first green and little yellow when it is fully ripe. And she’s very nice. The end of spring and early summer is the blooming season for the barberry blossom, the yellow blossoms of the barberry blossom in the autumn season. The plant can be planted for hedging or as a single ornamental shrub .

Do japanese barberries have good fruits?

Do japanese barberries have good fruits?Do not forget about the use of barberry in cooking and, of course, the use of barberry in the health-related use of barberry . Do not forget to buy fresh Japanese barberry online. Use barberry to ensure your body and blood health. Get yourself started on the barberry business at a reasonable cost, as well as the business.Launching pure varieties of barberry exported from Japan provides you with an easier way to access Japanese barberry . Register your order online now.
Traditionally, barberry has been and is used by people for special and unique Iranian cuisine as well as for medicinal purposes . Barberry was used by people for a variety of chronic diseases such as the treatment of diarrhea and jaundice, and so on. You can now order and make japanese barberry varieties online.

Can barberry bushes grow in shade?

Can barberry bushes grow in shade?These plants prefer a place with full light (at least 6–8 hours of direct sunlight) to mid-day (at least 4–5 hours of direct sunlight). Also, some varieties , especially among ornamental specimens, can tolerate shade. The varieties that produce fruit require more direct sunlight than the ornamental species in general to produce good quality fruit. It does and it seems that the intense heat of summer annoys these plants more than the winter cold. For this reason, it is best if you live in an area with very hot and dry summers and plant this plant in a shade from noon.
The water requirement of barberry plants, especially mature plants, is not high, so it is a good choice for planting in areas with poor water quality as well as relatively saline waters. However, in the first 2–5 years of planting, irrigation should be done to allow the root system of the plant to grow and grow well in the following years , depending on soil conditions and moisture content.
In general, some growers make round-trimmed scissors, but barberries do not need any barberry bush pruning at all . The best time to cut the branches is in late winter, but at any time of year it is permitted.

Various uses of barberry bushes

Various uses of barberry bushes In ancient medicine, various components of barberry bush were more commonly used as a medicinal plant (both barberry fruit and its root and leaves) and because of its dry and cold nature, barberry was widely regarded as a cure for liver and internal organs. But slowly the consumption of barberry was edible and seasoned, and now it has dried form, paste and sometimes barberry sauce, and in most cases, lavash in the food basket. What may be interesting is that the barberry cultivated in Cain is barley-free barley, while in other countries it is the word barley (often binuclear), but the properties of both species are similar. According to ancient Barberry books, the fruit closest to the cranberry has been introduced, which often has similar properties. In addition to berberine, barberry root is rich in Oxyaconthine and Berbamine. Antibiotic properties of barberry are attributed to these alkaloids. In the small fruit of barberry, in addition to some malic acid and tartaric acid, a small amount of pectin is also found . The presence of these components helps to preserve the longevity of the barberry and its use in the preparation of marmalade and sauce. One of the compounds of barberry that can play an important role in its medicinal effectiveness is food pigments. Food pigments such as anthocyanins with antioxidant function strengthen the immune system. One of the vitamins found abundantly in this fruity fruit is vitamin c, but in different varieties and depending on  the method of drying the fruit, the amount of this vitamin varies widely.

What are the problems of having barberry bushes in garden?

What are the problems of having barberry bushes in garden?The problems with growing barberry in the garden include the advantages and disadvantages of other crops. Barberry pests are rodentic and sucking insects, as well as fungi that are contaminated with insecticides and fungicides. Important diseases and parasites of barberry are as follows:
1. Black Wheat Rust It can be mentioned that barberry is an intermediate host for black rust, which is one of the hard-to-treat diseases of wheat. Therefore, it is always advisable to keep the barberry plant away from the wheat fields so that the fungal spores are not transferred to the wheat bushes. Some weather conditions, such as humidity and heat, can also aggravate the condition. Observing crop rotation reduces the severity of disease in wheat.
2- Barberry surface white
3- Barberry aphid (one of the most important pests)
4- Ring Butterfly
5. Cherry fly
6- Awkward silk butterfly
The most important pest of barberry seedless in the south of Khorasan is the branch beetle. This pest is further spread by infected pests. The female insects spawns on the soft, green branches and limpid paws. The larvae feed on the branches after hatching. Leaf moth, two-pointed mite, hawthorn and violet olive are among the other barberry seedless pests.
Failure to change color, wrinkle and drying of fruit, sweeping, branching, branching behind leaves and dryness and shrub deterioration are common diseases in barberry.

Do all barberry bushes have thorns?

Do all barberry bushes have thorns?Barberry thistle

Barberry is a shrub with thorny stems up to 4 meters high. The tree is brown or red or yellow.

Its leaves are oval with serrations and its flowers are clustered and yellow

The branches of barberry have a large razor blade. The barberry bush is thorny and its thorns are made of leaves that become broader at the junction of the thorns. It has wild varieties for food consumption and a variety of ornamentals. Wild species in the southern slopes of the northern Alborz to Firouzkouh to Arangeh, Taleghana and Mianeh and Ammarloo Gilan are distributed in altitudes of 1000 to 2000 meters. Its cultivated and seedless type is planted in Birjand and the countryside. Used for food stuffing. There is an ornamental type with yellow flowers whose fruits are yellow and are usually planted in bushes in the parks.Barberry is a shrub with many branches. The plant is thorny, so picking fruit is difficult. Barberry fruits are very juicy and very laborious and time-consuming to harvest from these small thorny bushes.

Do all barberry bushes attract ticks?

Do all barberry bushes attract ticks?We have heard all the names of ticks so far, but do you know what harm they do to trees? They are industrial, ornamental, horticultural, vegetable, forestry, etc. and are of great economic importance. In addition to nutrition, sap plays an important role in the transmission of viral diseases.
Some mites cause leaf complexation or branch deformation, and some form different galls on the host plant.
The mites are small, spherical or oval-shaped insects, their body length varies from half an millimeter to eight millimeters, and often ranges from 1 to 2 millimeters.
Mites are also called herbivores, and if one of your plants is attacked, you can easily understand the reason for this naming. These little insects grow at amazing speed. A small attack can become a big problem only after a few days.
The mites come in a variety of colors, from green to yellow, brown, red or even black. They all sap your plant and cause them to wilt and yell. Severe invasions can kill newly planted cuttings. The mites also produce a sugar called honey.Your plants may have a side effect called mildew from mite attack. This mildew is excreted on honeybees, grows from aphids and prevents light from penetrating the plant (in other words, harmless). Wash your plant’s leaves with water to get rid of honey and soot.

A guide for barberry bush producers

A guide for barberry bush producers Building a garden is a long-term investment that requires labor, time, and relatively high cost. Therefore, any neglect or mistake that occurs at the beginning of gardening will continue until the end of the work. Drying of seedlings sown in the early years is one of the major causes of failure in such investments.Iran is the largest producer of barberry in the world and investment in the production of byproducts is a safe investment. Converting into the agricultural sector is also one of the less favorable investment options in the country.
The present project is dedicated to the processing of barberry and the production of syrup, concentrate and jam. Given the availability of high quality raw materials in Iran, especially in areas such as South Khorasan, barberry processing is a good investment idea.Due to the availability of suitable and abundant raw material in the country of production of barberry by-products is considered a good opportunity. Due to the therapeutic properties of the plan products it is also possible to export them.

Best place to buy barberry bushes in bulk

Best place to buy barberry bushes in bulk Barberry sales are generally bulk and bulk in the grocery market, with one being packaged and packaged in bulk. Like any other product, the high quality barberry price differs from the wholesale or retail price.  Immediate purchase of fresh barberry can be done directly from the crops of this crop and from its distribution, distribution and sales centers. In direct and indirect purchase, the price of the product is much lower than the market price. For immediate purchase of barberry you should go to the major and reputable distributors and sellers of this product. These centers receive less sales profits because they receive the product in bulk and generally from its crop fields and from the direct producer. Especially if you buy the bulk product, prices are broken and special discounts are given to the buyers. You should also go to the barberry fields and buy the product directly from the farmer if possible.One of the best ways to buy barberry in bulk is to use web sites and stores. Get a top-notch barberry by shopping online. Just log in to the top barber supply site and place your order with the required quantity.
The first available barberry online gives you the opportunity to only buy the best quality barberry available on the market by logging into a reputable site. You will get the product you need at your doorstep with low cost and effort.