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Asian dates fruit is very popular among Asian people & also people from other countries. Jujube dates are very old in Iran & also in other countries. Jujube tree has a height of about 5 to 10 meter. Jujube is growing in the warm places but its small leaves fell in the winter. Jujube fruits have many medical benefits. The colour of the fruits is green at first & then it changes to the red. The length of the fruits is about 2 to 3 cm. The taste of the premature fruit is like an apple & the mature fruit is coming in the autumn. The taste of the mature fruits are sweet & have the edible & medical benefits.


Which countries have the best jujube fruits?


In Britain, people are using dried jujube or flavoured candy. These people can eat flavoured candy with tea. People are using the sweet juice of these fruits in China, Korea & Taiwan. In some countries, they use jujube for making vinegar. In Africa, they use jujube to make cakes. But in countries like Iran, Pakistan & India they use dried jujube. The habitant of this fruit is not clear but people believe that the natural habitat of this fruit is in south Asia between the Lebanon, south-east of Afghanistan, north of India, Korea & the south & centre of China. Iran has the third level in this industry. The crop surface of this fruit is about 3000 hectare. 95% of these fruits means 2850 hectare exist in the south Khorasan.

Is Indian jujube as the same as red dates?


Jujube fruit benefits are a lot. Jujube is a sweet & sour fruit that looks like the date. This fruit is good for insomnia, osteoporosis, stress, breathing infection, improving the body system, losing weight. The jujubes are preventing from cancer, good for digestive, high blood pressure, curing the fat, cold & sore throat, cleaning the blood, having the healthy heart & brain & curing the kidney diseases. Also, jujube is good for cleaning the skin, curing the acne & eczema, humidifier the skin, natural sunscreen & getting the hair thicker. These are the most important benefits of jujube. Some people make natural masks from these jujubes. The Indian jujube is as same as the red dates because the red dates are another name of the jujube.

Most delicious dried Asian Chinese Red Dates


The word jujube meaning is a fruit like a check. Jujube is a fruit of olive tree. The color of this tree is red. As I said before, this fruit has a lot of benefits. This fruit has an important nutritional value. Jujube has a lot of vitamin C, protein, carbohydrate, calcium, phosphor, iron, carotene, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin & flora. The fibre in this fruit is helping to decrease fat & blood glucose. The whole fat in jujube is less than any other fruits. Some people are using the dried jujube in the ceremonies like weddings. Some people are using the split of the jujube & use them to eat with the kebab. The most delicious dried Chinese dates are very good in this industry.

Price changes in Asian dates in the last 3 years


The core of the jujube is hypnotic & drugs. The leave’s jujube tree is using for the broking the legs, curing the scorpion bites, good for the removing the extra fats & also for repelling insects. Also, I want to tell you the jujube fruit side effects here.

The price of these dates or jujube or red dates is changing from the last 3 years because producing the jujube is increasing. With these benefits, all of the people are going to buy this fruit a lot. I suggest you buy & try them for the first one.