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Chinese Red Date Tree For Sale | Introduction of Best Suppliers

Red dates (Chinese dates, Jujube) A fruit with a variety of vitamins and minerals that has its own fans.  In addition to being used solely for oral medication, it is also sold. Chinese Red Date Tree For Sale in Iran, Afghanistan, China, India and Algeria at best price.

Chinese Red Date Tree For Sale | Introduction of Best Suppliers

What do dates look like on the tree?

What do dates look like on the tree?Dates tree produces small and large yellow flowers that turn less than 1% into fruit, naturally harsh environmental conditions are effective in shedding more flowers.  The ripe fruit is red jujube and in the pre-mature state is olive. The fresh dates is sweet and yellow.

A jujube tree will give jujube in the open air and enough care for 80 to 100 kg.  It is best to dry the jujube on the tree to get better quality, but it should be exposed to the sun for a few days after harvest.

What are dates before they are dried?

What are dates before they are dried?The different types of dates are used fresh and dried. Both have immense properties and are used for edible, sedative, gastrointestinal, anti-cancer, hypertensive and … . Fresh dates have a soft, sweet, apple-like texture, but dried date has a palm-like flavor. Fresh date fruit is cooked raw and cooked to prepare a variety of cakes, pastries, desserts, jams and marmalades. Dried date is used to make syrup and juice. In Jordan, Lebanon and other Middle Eastern countries, fresh and dried date fruit is eaten as a snack or as a post-meal dessert. Fresh dates have good nutritional value in terms of energy, carbohydrate, fiber and protein and low fat. 

The following features represent fresh and high quality red dates:

  • Make sure that the skin is dark red and clear without staining.
  • Do not buy jujube that is even slightly green or yellow.
  • Jujube skin should be smooth and wrinkle free.  Or you can boil it in tea.  If this is the case, make a few slices of jujube and sprinkle the jujube after the tea. 

If you want to dry them, you can leave them in the air for up to 5 days to dry.  This way you can keep them in the kitchen shelf for a long time.  However, some shops can also provide the dry type.

Do dates need refrigeration?

Do dates need refrigeration?Fresh red dates should be stored in the refrigerator at temperatures below 18 degrees Celsius. This means that even fresh jujube can be frozen.  Sunlight, heat and humidity cause the jujube to decay and rot.

It is recommended to eat fresh dates immediately after washing. Typically, the harvest season of jujube is September to early October.  If jujube growers are freshly marketed, they will be moldy or sour for less than ten days.  For this reason, gardeners dry most of the jujube or wait for the fruit to dry on the tree and then market it.  Dried jujube can be stored for up to 8 months without refrigerator. Never buy jujube in the off-season, because it is artificial, and you buy water instead of a portion of the jujube, and most importantly, its shelf life drops sharply and deteriorates in less than a week.

wholesale Chinese Red Date

wholesale Chinese Red DateMost of the sales of red dates belong to wholesalers and farmers.  In areas where the area under cultivation of this crop is substantially high, it will be economically significant for that area.  India, China, Iran, especially the cities of Birjand and Sirjan etc. are sold for edible purposes for the following purposes:

Jujube oil for thickening hair, its extract as a sedative, gastric medication, hypertension, etc., as a breast and fever laxative and many other medicinal properties that have been studied in traditional joint medicine. Existing markets for jujube include leadbag, wholesaler and retailer.  Head-to-head marketing agents include wholesalers locally, wholesalers, fielders and dealers who buy the product directly from the farmer.

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